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You have created that new trendy bar or cafe, or maybe starting a new foodie crazie like freak shakes, but for pancakes. But how will get your message out there and be creative at the same time?

Well, it is not just millennials scrolling through Instagram these days. Over 40% of all social media users are now on Instagram, making it the most-used after Facebook.  Business accounts are springing up daily on the platform and reaching their audience with creative visual content.  Why not get a business profile for your Bar or cafe on Instagram?

90% of businesses using social media say it has increased their exposure, and over 50% say it improved sales according to a recent Social Media Examiner report.

Here are 10 Instagram tips that will have your Bar or Cafe trending in no time.


  1. Avoid Fake Images; You Know The Ones That Look Like Ads

In as much as you are driven to advertise your venue, let your content be highly revelatory. The golden rule of Instagram marketing is SHOW, NOT TELL. Instagram is an image-sharing app. Allow the videos and photos do the talking and resist the urge to turn your bar’s Instagram into a promotional feed. Don’t put that text-heavy, 2-for-1 pitcher advert you would see as a flyer or Facebook on Instagram. Post a great shot of your most photogenic bartender holding two pitchers, then use the caption space to alert Instagram followers of your special.

Aim for optimum photo quality. Use a regular or phone camera to take photos instead of the Instagram app to get better quality. Benefits of using alternate cameras include using features like optical zoom. After taking the photos, use the Instagram app to access the file and take advantage of its versatile photo-editing tools.

  1. Add Visual Interest

Add visual interest by creating a Boomerang video for Instagram. Boomerang is a free app from Instagram that combines images into a mini video that endlessly loops. Now, going back to the bartender with the 2 pitchers’ example, Open the Boomerang app which activates your smartphone’s camera, then ask your bartender to raise the pitchers one by one. Hold down the white button for a few seconds on Boomerang – and boom! You have an eye-catching video.

Boomerang is just one example of the many apps that make it simple to create enhanced videos on Instagram. Most Instagram marketing tips for bars focus on photos, but don’t forget video!

  1. Employ Fun, Quotes and Sayings

Not going completely descriptive with words on Instagram does not mean you shouldn’t make use of witty, irreverent, or inspiring quotes. When presented in an attractive way, they break up the monotony of an image-only Instagram feed, thus making this one of the best Instagram marketing tips for bars to try out. In fact, the Buzztime social media team found that their most-shared graphics on Facebook are beer-related quotes. To create your own quote images, pick from the multitude of Quote Creator apps on both Android and IOS stores. Alternatively, have the staff to invite some of your own.

  1. Share Pics and Videos of Your Guests

There are two reasons this is one of the best Instagram marketing tips for bars and cafes. Firstly, it is authentic. Capturing a great shot of friends laughing at your bar will show that you’re the happening spot in town. We advise laughing picture because a study has revealed that Instagram photos that show faces get 38% more likes than those without. You can host a live trivia or poker event, take pics or videos of patrons having a blast, then show your Instagram followers why you are the place to be over the weekend. You can also encourage customers to post photos taken in your Bar.  Make a competition of it if you like. Best video post wins dinner and drinks for two, and top five win $5 drinks. Secondly, is that featuring guests will visit your Instagram and look at their pictures because you told them that they’d appear on your Instagram page. They may re-gram your post.

  1. Don’t Just Post, Think How Will You Engage

No matter the marketing intention attached to your content, never forget your audience. Instagram is a social media platform, albeit a photo one, so get people talking. You can post a weekly funny picture and ask your followers to “caption this.” Alternatively, post a short video of your bartender making a new drink, then ask for drink name ideas in the comments. Sometimes you let your picture tell stories. It could be your history or the history of special drinks, just tell it with pictures and short captions in a way that will engage your audience.

  1. Always Re-gram

Here is how re-gramming works. Search photos tagged at your location and ones that use your bar’s hashtag. Look for great shots of your bar. When you find, check on the Instagram users who took the shot to see how many followers they have (you want to share photos from Instagram users with a lot of followers). Then, click on the photo and share it with your followers. This is “re-gramming”, and in as much as it provides you with the desired outcome, it rewards your customer by shining the spotlight on their awesome photo. You will build major brand loyalty with that customer.

  1. Create a Posting Schedule

Avoid being that Bar that gets a rush of excitement and posts every day, then, nothing after a long time. Consistency is king; set a pace, you can maintain. According to a Forrester Research study of the 50 most successful brands on Instagram, the average frequency of posts is 4.9x per week. It’s not just post frequency that matters; it’s the time of day and day of the week. Gain custom insights on the best times to post using the When to Post app. Plan ahead, so you don’t scramble for a post idea.

  1. Pay to Play

Actively acquire new followers through sponsored posts on Instagram. You can target your Instagram ads to run at certain times of the day, to specific demographics (age, gender, interest), and to those located nearby. You can even run your Instagram ads on Facebook, and vice versa. As for content? Stay in line with proven Instagram marketing tips for bars and don’t post something that looks like an ad! That Boomerang video of your bartender raising the pitchers with the 2-for-1 caption is a perfect paid Instagram ad.

  1. Avoid Overreliance on Paid Posts

While paid advertising yields result, never quit non-paid tactics. Build your Instagram community by following other Instagram pages with the types of customers you want! If you’re a sports bar, follow the sports teams in your area, apparel shops, and even the fans themselves. They will see you are following them and hopefully return the favour. Make it a habit of commenting on or “like” posts made by the pages you are following, so their customers see that you have a page, too. Plus, those pages may start “liking” your posts and may even re-gram you.

  1. Research Before Hashtags

Hashtags are very important but before you start using a hashtag for your bar, look it up on Instagram. You may find it is already is taken. If so, return to the drawing board and brainstorm hashtags that should be unique, short (under 15 letters), and contain your bar’s name. In addition to your own hashtag, research other hashtags in your area. Most regional and local tourism associations have hashtags. The managers of these Instagram pages will often re-gram images that use that hashtag. Plus, visitors may use the hashtag to find things to do on Instagram. Here are a few examples: #KeepAustinEatin, #VisitPhilly, #Californiafood, #EatLocalCny

Well, now you’re ready to Snap, Post and Create with proven hints and tips that have work within a variety of Bars & Cafes in different locations. Just remember to be real, be yourself and have fun, because we can all tell when it’s fake.

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