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How to grant an agency access to your Google Ads account

Since many organisations use agencies or other third parties to run their advertising, they may need to provide access to their ad accounts from time to time. This is a step-by-step-guide to show you how this is done, including screenshots!

1. Check for existing accounts

If you’re unsure whether or not there is an existing Google Ads account, the best thing to do is to go to https://ads.google.com/ and sign in with your generic marketing Google account.

If there is no Google account, it’s best for you to proceed straight to account creation from there (step 2). If you have an existing account, you can jump to the section for existing accounts (step X).

2. For new accounts: Create your account

Google tries to wizard the owner into creating a campaign at the end, this should be skipped by switching to expert mode (bottom of the screen):

It’s very important to get these values right because they CANNOT be changed once the account is created:

3. Add billing details

Once the account is created, billing details can be added here:

4. For existing accounts: Provide your account ID

Your advertising partner needs your account ID to issue an invite to your account. This 10-digit number can be found on the top-right of the screen next to your login. You can select and copy the ID directly and send it to your agency or other third parties that you want to give access to.

If you have multiple Google Ads accounts bundled in a manager account, the above process still applies – please ignore the 10 digit ID on the top-left side of the top menu as that’s your individual/child account. We still need the ID on the top-right.

5. Accept the linking invitation

Once a management invite is issued by someone, you’ll get an email. Here’s how to accept:

This will link your account to the third party’s management account. You can remove access in the section shown above should you ever need to.

And that’s it, your advertising partner should now have access to your Google Ads account!

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